'Shaping Space I' - EN

‘Shaping Space I’ combines a large 60 cm wide porcelain vessel with a 3D animation on the wall. The vessel is conceived as a concave shape, which refers to a telescope, an open but limited space. Using special 3D software, I create linear drawings that accentuate the eggshell porcelain’s ethereal, delicate character. Futuristic insects are busy weaving thin fibres into breakable nets, made of triangular meshes. The piece visualizes a utopian worldview, in which insect-like beings have taken man’s place and where the machines and methods of growth and construction have become intertwined’ consequence of the continuous technological and biological evolution in our universe.

Technique: The eggshell porcelain bowls I purchased in China from a small isolated workshop in the porcelain city of Jingdezhen. The manufacture of these exquisite paper-thin vessels is a tremendous technical achievement, which has its roots deep in 14th century China. The quality and the considerable size of this porcelain, which can measure up to sometimes 1 meter wide, cannot be found nor equalled outside of China, it is very translucent, white and strong.
The follow up takes place in my studio in Amsterdam, where ceramic decals are carefully cut, pasted and fired into the porcelain glaze.

The animation on the screen brings into life a detail of the depiction on the bowl, the spider weaving its net.

First shown in ‘Dream out Loud, designing for tomorrow’s demands’, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam

60×24 cm, eggshell porcelain, ceramic decals, picture frame, 2012-2016, collection Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam