Fluidity of Time - EN

‘Fluidity’ consists of a monitor with a 3D animation accompanied by five ultra-thin porcelain tiles.

The work aims to connect the artificial digital world with the natural world.

The animation shows a vast water surface with gently moving waves. At some moment a floating wireframe sphere enters the scene, tumbling randomly over the waves. The sphere represents the digital world we are living in, rolling over the waves of time. Looking to the right we see the water surface changing into a widely stretched empty landscape, with the horizon situated at the same height as the water surface. On the porcelain tiles several layers of matt and semi glossy ceramic glazes are applied. The glazes, originally liquid, are flown over the tiles and fired onto the surface. The sea is now quiet and the waves have solidified.

‘Fluidity’ can be interpreted in different ways. It combines movement and stillness, computer bits and raw materials, mathematics and chance.

327 x 32,4 x 8 cm (lxwxd). Monitor, glass, porcelain tiles 3 mm, ceramic decal, glazes, steel frame, magnets, 2016