Buckets - EN

These porcelain ‘buckets’ have been developed and accomplished for the benefit of the exhibition ‘Pretty Dutch’ in Museum Het Princessehof, Leeuwarden in 2007.

‘Pretty Dutch’ focuses the spotlight on the first porcelain that was produced in the Netherlands in the eighteenth century. Together with this collection the exhibition also presents reflections on this beautifully hand painted and luxurious porcelain by contemporary visual artists.

The refinement and precision as well as the sometimes very creative design solutions that were employed in this eighteenth century porcelain, caused me to develop a special interest in these masterpieces.
The overexcited and abundant decorations from this early age of porcelain manufactory with their flourished borders around depictions of natural scenery are exceptional and exactly this over stylized aspect I have tried to examine and incorporate in my designs.

Also my decoration themes are inspired by eighteenth century Dutch porcelain, by applying images and photographs from nature and the insect world. These natural themes are looked upon differently today, they seem old fashioned and excessively romantic. My somewhat playful comments are presented within these decorated objects.
The juxtaposition of classical decorations with a contemporary bucket shape mixes traditional and non-traditional idioms to create a new and personal concept.