Fluidity of Time - EN

‘Fluidity of Time’ consists of a monitor with a 3D animation accompanied with five ultra-thin porcelain tiles. The animation shows two randomly floating and deforming wireframe spheres on a curved surface, seemingly a water surface with gently moving waves. The movement of the waves symbolizes Time, and is emphasized by the tumbling and floating spheres. On the porcelain tiles a widely stretched landscape is shown, with a large horizon, where the sea is now quiet and the waves have solidified. This is represented by several superimposed layers of matt and semi glossy ceramic glazes. On the last tile one sees the two spheres disappearing in the distance.

327 x 32,4 x 8 cm (lxwxh). Monitor, glass, porcelain tiles 3 mm, ceramic decal, glazes, steel frame, magnets, 2016